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Reverse Osmosis : Dissolved Salt, Antibiotics, Insecticides, Heavy Metals and Mercury Filtering

Complementary to our UF filtration units, Reverse Osmosis systems allow to filter elements that are usually not filtered by UF.

Our systems are built as modules that can complete easily our UF units to provide additionnal filtering capability. We do not recommand to use RO filtering alone except for clean water containing a low quantity of suspended particules, to prevent RO filter fouling.
Depending on the situation it will be possible to combine either UF filter or simple sedimentation tanls in order to obtain a clear enough water.
Our systems are built in containerized modules

RO systems for potable water

Item OL-RO-100 OL-RO-500
Type RO Filter RO Filter
Usage Suppressing salts, ions and metals. Suppressing salts, ions and metals.
Prod Capacity (l/h) 80 400
Max Hour / day 24 24
Filtering size >0.2 nm (100%) >0.2 nm (100%)
Power Consumption 1.5 kW 4.5 kW
Automation Operation and remote control Operation and remote control

RO is a common solution to produce potable water our of sea water. Working at ultra low pressure, the NanoTechnology membrane removes dissolved elements down to 0.1 nanometer, delivering ultra clean water.
It is recommanded to complete this installation with a mineralization unit to provide enough minerals to the population supplied by this system. The maintenance of the system is simple and can be done even in remote areas in Frontier countries.
NOTE : When used to remove mercury, a special protocole should be applied to water effluents and filter to avoid the dissemination of the highly volatile atoms.

Item OL-RO-100 OL-RO-500
Size Lxlxh 100 x 120 x 160 cm 100 x 120 x 180 cm
Weight 0.3 t 1.4 t
Ip 64 (boxed) 64 (boxed)
Power Supply 2 kVA (400VAC) 5 kVA (400VAc)
Solar power supply Option 7 kVA Option 12 kVA
HydroPower in river power supply Option 7 kVA Option 12 kVA
Sedimentation tank prefiltering Option Option
UF unit prefiltering Option Option
Mineralization unit Option Option