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Improving water management practices for a global reduction of GHG emissions

CO2 condensation process, CO2 sequestration in biomass, CH4 emissions reduction

Photosynthesis is a powerfull mechanism operated by plants, phytoplancton, algae to convert CO2 into biomass that can further participate in the production of food proteins, biofuels, fertilizers or biomaterials.
Bacterial activity may have a complex impact regarding Green House Gas emissions. Depending on temperature, depending on the ecosystem, the role of bacteries can turn positive or negative...
At OLILAB we are monitoring CO2 and CH4 emissions in our facilities in order to make sure that our practices have a positive impact regarding climate change.

Ground and airborne CO2/CH4 emissions measurement :
We are combining proprietary monitoring technologies, ground based, with airborne and sattelite imagery to evaluate the GHG emissions balance of the facilities, fields and ecosystems we are managing.

Oxygenation of river and humid areas to reduce GHG emissions

Boosting photosysnthesis for the creation of advanced biomaterials :