MCU Box & Nano

Distributed intelligence for Cities, Industries and Ports

MCU-BOX for industrial systems
MCU-NANO for embedded self powered systems

Our smart modules can be installed anywhere, in any working conditions, to improve your process control and reduce your operating costs

IP67, Universal connectivity, Advanced processing, Ready to use

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Our Services

Water Industry

Smart boxes for remote control of pumping stations, Water treatment, public equipment

Sea and Railways

Tracking and recording equipment for cargo traceability. Designed for harsh operating conditions

Tailor Made

The MCU box customized to your needs. Modular, High End, Affordable

Counting and Controlling

High end embedded solutions for objects recognition, control and counting in industry and mining.

Discover the little brother of the MCU-Box, the MCU-NANO.

Specially designed for smart equipment requiring small integrated process control.
MCU Nano is powered by battery or energy harvesting technology

26 mmx 14 mm x 12 mm. Blue tooth low energy communications, 3 local analog i/os