Automated equipment for the visual inspection of mechanical parts

Ready to use, no engineering capability required
Control the contour as well as internal surfaces
Texture based visual inspection
Easy addition of new geometries and models
On Chip learning solution to keep your data safe within your premises
Affordable and easy to maintain

By combining a powerful vision system, with our MCU processing unit and with the COGITO INSTRUMENTS Onchip Neural Network, we brought to life the DEEPSCAN unit, a ready and easy to use, vision inspection system.

The DeepScan solution is used in industry for the inspection of :
  • Cutting tools and ceramic inserts
  • Jewellery and Watches parts
  • Automotive parts
  • Consummer goods

Thanks to its modular design the DEEPSCAN unit can easily be customized to fit the lighting or vision requirements in demanding industries.

This product has been developped in collaboration with COGITO INSTRUMENTS, THE only company designing and manufacturing onchip neural networks , and SUNROCK Technologies, the world expert in vision quality control.