The MCU is a modular, ready to use control box aiming to bring intelligence to your equipment :

Real time process control downto the microsecond.

Industrial and wide area communications

Ultra low power consumption for embedded systems

On chip learning and deep learning for autonomous systems

IP67 waterproof to operate in harsh conditions

New : On chip Neural Network to implement intelligence in your mobile equipment.

On chip learning and inference : Your process data is kept safe inside the MCU box where it can be used both for learning and inference tasks.

Onboard standard automation control can be combined with A.I based process control

Real time A.I. becomes possible with data preprocessing and analysis in less than 1 ms

Integrated signal processing interfaces (Video, H264, HDMI, USB, Analog and digital I/Os..) can be easily implemented.

Easy C or Python progamming.

Profinet, Ethercat, Powerlink, Wifi, USB, 4G interfaces.

Algorithmic based process control for analog and digital i/os. Integrated high end communications
MCU with onchip Neural Network to provide hybrid A.I + algorithmic process control. Designed in collaboration with Cogito Geneva.
26 mmx 14 mm x 12 mm. Blue tooth low energy communications, 3 local analog i/os