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Membrane bioreactor’ (MBR) is a wastewater treatment processes where a perm-selective membrane, eg microfiltration or ultrafiltration, is integrated with a biological process − specifically a suspended growth bioreactor. MBRs differ from ‘polishing’ processes where the membrane is employed as a discrete tertiary treatment step with no return of the active biomass to the biological process.

  • Modular and affordable
  • No complex piping through the city
  • For individual houses, settlements and industries

Dunwell Membrane Bio-Reactor Containerized Plant (DMBR-C)

The DMBR-C is a compact sewage treatment system which contains elements of solids screening, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment in a single containerized package. It utilizes the immersed membrane bioreactor operating system from the MBR process, a unique treatment process designed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse applications. The predesigned and skid-mounted system can be offloaded quickly and efficiently at your wastewater treatment site.
A product from Dunwell.
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Water purification in mining areas - Removing mercury from drinking water

Our movable,. containerized purification units are used to treat surface water in order to profive potable water to people living in remote settlments. We especially focus on the removal of heavy metals including mercury which is the largest contaminent of surface water in mining countries. The solution is deployed in West Africa and Latin America.
Dedicated procedure are applied to avoid the dissemination of mecury vapors during equipment maintenance.

A product from OLILAB.

Drinking Water Purification system (reverse osmosis)

A complete ready to use system for water purification. Reverse osmosis membrane equipment for water filtering, completed by an UV chamber for additionnal disinfection.

Two models are available from DUNWELL, 7 m3 per per day and 16 m3 per day

Sea Water Desalination

We build desalination plants to produce drinking water. Small modular solutions are available for small settlements, industries etc.
Larger facilities can be build on demand with the support from our partner SAMCEN.

A product from SAMCEN.

We participate in the Blue Niger project : BLUE NIGER

The rehabilitation of the banks of the River Niger, along with the securitisation of the Niger Basin against flooding will lead to the creation of eco-friendly artisanal, agricultural and industrial activities offering a wide range of employment opportunities for local populations, especially for Women and the youth. This project is one of the few being carried out where the conglomeration of social, ecological and economic matters is equally considered.

OLILAB provides various MBR related technologies to improve the quality of water in Guinea and create a sewage treatment infrastructure in villages and settlements

Our Products are designed in Switzerland, Russia and China.