Dunwell Membrane Bio-Reactor Containerized Plant (DMBR-C)

DMBR is is a compact sewage treatment system used for :

  • Remote settlements
  • Mining sites
  • Golf courses and Resorts
  • Residential buildings
  • .....
It utilizes the immersed membrane bioreactor operating system from the MBR process, a unique treatment process designed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse applications. The predesigned and skid-mounted system can be offloaded quickly and efficiently at your wastewater treatment site.

The treatment of bio-toilet is based on the membrane bio-reactor technology. It comprises the biological treatment and membrane separation in a single reactor. The biological treatment uses the carbonaceous bacteria to decompose the organic pollutants in incoming wastewater. With the application of membrane separation, the treated wastewater could be separated from bacteria and suspended solids so that the crystal clear effluent could be obtained and the clarification tank for treated effluent could be omitted. Disinfection is being done by ultraviolet (UV) or chlorination.
System capacity
DMBR-C5 5 m3 per day
DMBR-C10 10 m3 per day
DMBR-C50 50 m3 per day
DMBR-C100 100 m3 per day

Post treatment water usage : Irrigation, Domestic but non drinking
Type of wastewater treated : Toilets, food processing, grey water

Dunwell bio-toilets adopt the membrane bio-reactor (MBR) technology to treat the wastewater. Since the membrane (pore size smaller than 0.1 micron) is submerged inside the biological reactor, all carbonaceous bacteria for decomposing organic pollutants can be retained inside the reactor. Comparing the bacteria content with the traditional biological reactor such as oxidation ditch/ Rotating Biological Contactor, RBC, MBR has 3-4 times higher of bacteria content. The higher the bacteria content, the higher efficiency of the biological reactor. It also results of smaller footprint for the bio-reactor. With the membrane separation, the crystal clear treated effluent can be obtained and it could be re-used as the water for irrigation, floor washing and toilet flushing.
ClearWater Bay Golf (HK) Using D MBR systems
Made in HongKong by Dunwell Group.